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Why Don’t They Just Quit!

“Why Don’t They Just Quit” is an astounding book written by Joe Herzanek that is a complete encyclopedia containing knowledge, personal insight and exhausted discussion for families and friends in need of hope, education and truth regarding addiction and recovery. His DVD Roundtable Discussion consists of 90 minutes within four sessions dealing with “Life Before Recovery, Dispelling Myths, All About Treatment and Life in Recovery.” Over thirty-five tough questions are explained and answered including “what works, what doesn’t and why, why a person does not have to hit rock bottom, why effective intervention doesn’t have to be a surprise” attack and many more. There is also a DVD with the 10 toughest questions answered and is a wealth of knowledge for anyone.

Of all the educational material I have  scoured and devoured over the past eight months, nothing has been as exhaustive in truth and information as “Why Don’t They Just Quit!” After reading the book, watching the “DVD Roundtable Discussion” and to the answers to some of the tough questions asked by family and friends I am convinced “Why Don’t They Just Quit” will leave you informed, educated and at peace about what to do next to help your loved one or friend.

The Changing Lives Foundation is committed to bringing to the public clear and concise information on substance abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism and compulsive behaviors. Perhaps more importantly, we focus on how individuals and families recover from these problems.”  http://recoveryarts.com/2009/06/18/recovery-site-review-changing-lives-foundation-why-don%E2%80%99t-they-just-quit/

The site was founded by Joe Herzanak who is the author of “Why Can’t They Just Quit”, is also a recovering addict and counselor for over twenty years. He is one of the most reliable and reputable sources to gain keen insight, absolute truth and invaluable help as you walk this journey of recovery with your family member or friend.

I have experienced the journey of addiction and substance abuse alongside a close family member and have found Joe Herzanek’s book and DVD’s to be helpful, comforting and empowering. Knowing the truth about addiction and substance abuse is of utmost importance in order to lend a helping hand without enabling, offer advice that is both truthful and can be highly effective in the life of the addict and can bring peace to your soul as you witness the life of someone you know being changed dramatically by drug addiction or substance abuse.

Joe Herzanek tells us “Addiction only gets worse.” No household should be without this life-changing literature. I firmly believe “Why Can’t They Just Quit! along with the DVD series can possibly save the life of your loved one or friend.

© 2012  Denise Spooner


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Brushed by God

Some books you read and forget, some you absorb the information and use it later, and still others you devour what’s on every page and share the book with friends and family. Marrietta Wright’s book Brushed by God is one of those books that will have you dissecting every word as it penetrates your soul and renews your mind.

by Marietta Wright

Brushed by God is a simply fabulous read that absolutely no one should miss. Marietta is a gifted artist with a flair for encouraging new artists to explore their God-given talents as well as learning to draw, paint, etc.  step by step. She not only teaches art, she teaches about every day life, authentic  living and unconditional love through prophecy. With God as her sure foundation, Marietta creatively entices readers to allow themselves the freedom to dream big, press on  and reach beyond their greatest expectations.

Brushed by God is not only for the practicing artist but for those who have yet to discover the artist within. Its simple instructions were thoughtfully written and easy to understand. They will encourage even the novice artist with sound counsel while helping refine the gifts of those already serving in the prophetic arts. This book is one of the most life-changing books I have ever read and you will be blessed to have partaken of its rich, truthful, life-changing content. You can purchase Brushed by God in traditional form or as an e-book through Amazon as well as through Marietta’s awe-inspiring website.

Not only is Brushed by God a book all about prophetic art, it’s a manual for living an abundant life. Marietta shares her own extravagant love for God and God’s unconditional love for you, the reader. Her book is a real life account of how God speaks through art and empowers not only the believer but blesses the listener as well. You will be inspired, taught and loved beyond imagination while reading Brushed by God.

© 2011  Denise Spooner

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