The Busy Bus is a work of art

Looking for a collection of children’s short poems? Look no further.  Marsha Cook’s The Busy Bus is chock filled with thirty-four wonderful poems that will delight young children from all walks of life. Her book has some of the most colorful illustrations I have ever seen in a children’s book. Marsha Casper Cook is an author, a lecturer, screenwriter, agent and radio show host living in the Chicago suburbs. She has published several children’s books as well as  two novels and eleven screenplays.

Her poems are crisp, humorous, exciting and written with the younger child in mind. Mystery, suspense and literally food for thought encompass her writing and enhance a child’s imagination while stimulating their linguistic instincts. The Busy Bus will take children through journeys of peculiar situations, adventure and events with fancy free farm animals sure to engage the most reluctant reader.

Join Marsha Casper Cook in her quest with Winona the Begonia, Uncle Edward’s Pig and Priscilla the cat. Find out who has the smelly socks, what it takes to make chocolate chop suey and what is a Bubble Gum Tree. This children’s book is a real work of art!

© 2011  Denise Spooner


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